The Dynamics of Refugee Return: Syrian Refugees and Their Migration Intentions. British Journal of Political Science Forthcoming
With Daniel Masterson, Marine Casalis, Dominik Hangartner, and Jeremy Weinstein.

Policy brief

CISAC Presentation

Media: The Economist, The Washington Post (The Monkey Cage)

Learning from Null Effects: A Bottom-Up Approach. Political Analysis. 2022
With Scott Williamson, Andrea Dillon, Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner, Michael Hotard, David Laitin, Duncan Lawrence, Jeremy Weinstein.

Reporting all results efficiently: A RARE proposal to open up the file drawer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). 2021.
With David Laitin, Edward Miguel, Aleksandar Bogdanosk, Sean Grant, Katherine Hoeberling, Cecilia Hyunjung Mo, Don A Moore, Simine Vazire, Jeremy Weinstein, and Scott Williamson.

Can Exposure to Celebrities Reduce Prejudice? Estimating the Effect of Mohamed Salah on Islamophobic Attitudes and Behaviors. American Political Science Review. 2021.
With William Marble, Salma Mousa, and Alexandra Siegel.

Selected media coverage: BBC Arabic, The Economist, The Times, Fox News, The Daily Mail, Sky News, Vice, The Independent, The National, Spiegel Online, Le Figaro, la Republica, Al Jazeera, EuroNews, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

DM&E Webinar presentation

Attitudes toward Migrants in a Highly-Impacted Economy: Evidence from the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan. Comparative Political Studies. 2021.
With Andrea Dillon, Scott Williamson, Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner, and Jeremy Weinstein.

Media: The Washington Post (The Monkey Cage), Lawfare

Authoritarian Media and Diversionary Threats: Lessons from Thirty Years of Syrian State Discourse. Political Science Research and Methods. 2021.
With Lisa Blaydes.

Do Donor Motives Matter? Investigating Perceptions of Foreign Aid in the conflict in Donbas. International Studies Quarterly. 2020.
With Rachel Myrick and Isaac Webb.

Maintaining Sovereignty and Preserving the Regime: How Saudi Arabia Views Strategic Stability. in Lawrence Rubin and Adam N. Stulberg, eds., The End of Strategic Stability. Georgetown University Press. 2018.

Under Review and Working Papers

Manufacturing Threats: Diversionary Discourse and Autocratic Survival

Media and Public Diplomacy in the Arab Gulf: The cases of Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera

Mobile Phone-based Panel Surveys for Mobile Populations
With Marine Casalis, Daniel Masterson, Dominik Hangartner, Stefan Wehrli, and Jeremy Weinstein.

Political Repercussions of Open Borders
With Dalston Ward, Andreas Beerli, and Dominik Hangartner.